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We know you have been wondering how Ohio University's transition from quarters to semesters, in fall 2012, affects the RN to BSN program. We have been working hard to convert all of our classes and program requirements to a semester calendar and this message summarizes the major changes.

►  The NRSE classes will remain in their 5-week format, meaning that instead of two 5-week sessions per quarter, there will be three 5-week sessions per semester.
►  The general education classes that are currently 10 weeks long will convert to full 15-week-long semester courses.
►  All students will be required to have a Transition Degree Completion Plan (TDCP) on file, which will map out exactly what courses you will take during the rest of your program to insure that you will graduate in a timely manner. You will receive more information via email over the next few months about the TDCP and how it will be completed with an advisor. Advisors in our office will review and sign your TDCP. If you follow the plan set forth in your TDCP, your graduation will not be delayed because of the transition.

►  Perhaps the biggest change is that instead of 12 NRSE classes, there will be 9. Some courses are being combined, resulting in two courses becoming one. The new courses and their quarter equivalents are as follows:

♦  NRSE 300 and NRSE 335 will combine to be NRSE 4510 *
♦  NRSE 310 and NRSE 325 will combine to be NRSE 4520 **
♦  NRSE 330 will be NRSE 4530
♦  NRSE 341 will be NRSE 4540
♦  NRSE 405 will be NRSE 4550
♦  NRSE 410 will be NRSE 4560
♦  NRSE 414 will be NRSE 4570
♦  NRSE 416 and NRSE 445 will combine to be NRSE 4580 **
♦  NRSE 455 will be NRSE 4600

*Since you all have taken or are currently taking NRSE 300, you should fit in 335 sometime before next Fall. If you do not take NRSE 335 by next Fall, you will have to take the course that combines 300 and 335 causing you to repeat the 300 material.

**We recommend you either finish both courses before next Fall, or take neither and wait until the combined version is available. If you have completed only one of the courses that will be combined, you will be required to take the semester course that combines the two courses, thus repeating some material. (For example, if you complete NRSE 310 but not NRSE 325 before fall, you will be required to take NRSE 4520 in semesters.)

A list of semester course offerings is posted at: http://www.outreach.ohio.edu/bsn/q2s/course_offerings.pdf

Thank you for your patience as we work through this transition. Please do not hesitate to call or email the School of Nursing with any questions: 740-593-4494 or nursing@ohio.edu. Be sure to check all email that comes from Ohio University as you will receive more information about the quarters-to-semesters transition, and you TDCP, via email.



Watch this page for additional information about the Quarters-to-Semesters changes for the RN-to-BSN program.

For more inforamtion about the university-wide transition, visit the Q2S Web.



Tentative Course Offerings by term through
Summer 2017-2018

General Education Course Equivalencies

Qtr Course Sem Course
EDEC 160 EDEC 1600
IART 117 IART 1170
MUS 120 MUS 1200
NUTR 128 NUTR 1000
PHIL 130 PHIL 1300
PRCM 325J PRCM 3250J
PSY 101 PSY 1010
PSY 120 PSY 1110
PSY 273 PSY 2410
RFPD 110 RFPD 1100
SOC 101 SOC 1000



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